Business Workshops Topics

EDUCATIONAL  BUSINESS TRACK 1 - Sponsored by Seminole State College

What’s NEXT: Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

1A. Understanding Your Financials Leads to Sustainable Business Growth - Large companies use financial modeling to make decisions regarding all aspects of a business: so can you! Even if you have a CFO or, not prepared to hire one yet, it is critical for business owners to be hands-on and learn how to manage decisions such as: 1) hiring, 2) expansion, 3) marketing, etc. using financial models and metrics.  Learn how to not only read, but understand your company’s financial statements to create financial forecasts and make better decisions for growth.

1B. Tools to Take Your Business from Surviving to Thriving - Most businesses start with incredible momentum but then lose steam, resulting in frustration, as they evolve. Much of this dynamic is due to the lack of proper infrastructure necessary to transition your business from a one-two person shop into a thriving enterprise. Learn about tools to advance your business, such as building on the talents of “gig workers” who supply expertise in key areas, and how to go from survival mode to thriving success.

1C. Avoid a Hack Attack: Cyber-Security – Be Prepared for What’s NEXT - With the continuous evolution of technology, cyber-hacking is becoming more prevalent in today’s business world and can virtually terminate a thriving enterprise. With the growth of technology comes increased risk to your business. Secure your hardware, software, and data - your livelihood - from potential cyber-attacks and reduce the stress of the unknown.

EDUCATIONAL BUSINESS  TRACK 2 - Sponsored by Bank of America & UCF

Tackling the NEXT Challenges: Second Stage

2A. Create an Organizational Culture to Engage Your Team for NEXT-level Business Growth - Does your staff look forward to going to work? Do you? Studies have shown that happy employees are up to 20% more effective and productive at work than their unhappy counterparts. This, in turn, leads to more profitability as happy employees lead to happy customers. Come learn how to start planning for a work environment recognizing both life/work balance and commitment to sustainable growth.

2B. How to Use Video to Boost Your Media Sales and Marketing to the Next Stage - The world of marketing and sales continues to evolve as technology, social media, and customer buying habits become increasingly dependent on video content for buying decisions. Producing one video is not enough; Most successful companies produce on average one or more posts per day, and many include videos to gain greater exposure and rankings. Learn about the different types of videos, production process, and how to adopt a video-production mentality that can generate repeatable content creation habits to increase your sales and marketing results

2C. Develop Your Own Business Canvas – a Blueprint for Profitability - Most entrepreneurs have heard of the importance of having a business plan when starting a business. So…once started and evolved, what then?  Come learn how an abbreviated, focused approach to ongoing business planning, otherwise known as business canvassing, can help you ensure continuity, focus and effective growth for your company.


Getting to the Next Level - Making a Difference

3A. Ready. Set. Fly! - Join us for this fully interactive workshop where you will learn about best-practice techniques and skills that aircraft pilots use to improve their problem solving and decision-making abilities dramatically. Ignite your passion, define personal and business goals and reach new heights by learning: How to visualize problem-solving in 3D, change your employees’ mentality from “it is not my job” to “it IS my duty!” and multiply your company’s impact on your clients to increase their satisfaction and your bottom-line.

3B. Solving Common Human Resources Challenges - Working with people can be both rewarding and challenging. This difficulty is compounded by the fact the employers make themselves more susceptible to lawsuits and risk with every employee they hire. Come learn what you simply don’t know, from an HR expert on how best to manage certain risks while attracting top talent, making your company the desirable place to build a career. 

3C. Transform Your Business - Become a Large Retailer Supplier - Have you wondered what it would take to get your products prominently placed in front of your target audience both on store shelves and online? Join us for this very informative workshop where you will hear best-practices directly from a corporate executive, on how to prepare and get your products in front of a well-known retailer. You will also learn more about how these opportunities can take your business to the next level and beyond. This is a very interactive workshop so bring your questions!


Topics are subject to change